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Studio C Clubs – the women’s chain for reshaping, toning, fitness and slimming was established in 1990 and includes 35 independently owned clubs across Israel.

The Ownership of Studio C is shared among America Israel InvestmentsMeir Cars and Trucks Group and Zvi Ramot .

Smadar ashkenazi serves as the Chief Executive Officer
of Studio C.

Studio C offers a team of the finest professional trainers, helping women to reach outmost results in healthiest and safest manner.

Studio C offers variety of activities for women, to choose the one most suitable for their lifestyle.

Reshaping And Toning The Body Using The Studio C Technique

Like any new subscriber of Studio C, each woman will enjoy a basic course, suitable for every women’s lifestyle, available to all level of fitness. The course includes 6 sessions where women will learn, under close supervision, how to perform the exercises properly and quickly to reach the expected result. The group course is taught in a supportive atmosphere. In each group there is a demonstrator, who properly performs the exercises in front of the group and a professional trainer (our trainers have a first or second academic degree in their field) to correct and encourage the group, while making sure that each individual performing the exercises in a proper manner and results are quickly visible. After the course, women will join various advanced classes where they can exercise at their own convenience, in a 45-minute long sessions. This will allow preserving results and a toned and healthy body.

As part of the reshaping and toning courses, women will also enjoy a variety of additional courses, free of charge:

Dynamic – classes incorporating aerobic movement training, accompanied by invigorating music, to help increase your pulse, calories burned and tone the body using fun movements.

Body Balance – classes focus on body balance, accompanied by relaxing music.

Fitball – reshaping and toning classes using a fitball to improve posture, and increase movement span, offering varied activity. Proper use of a ball can help prevent back pain, stabilize the spine, strengthen the abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor, improve flexibility and operate muscles in an efficient and balanced manner.

Pregnancy And Birth Classes:

Exercise Classes For Pregnant Women – a unique class aimed at preparing the pelvic floor muscles and the abdomen for pregnancy and birth, ease in carrying excess weight, controlling weight gain and preventing accumulation of fluids and edemas. To take care of the body during pregnancy, women should prepare it for birth and quickly recover after giving birth.

Back To Shape Course – Exercise for women after birth. Subscribers can join the class as early as 6 weeks after giving birth. The course will focus mainly on areas participating in the pregnancy and birth process: pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, upper back muscles and extending the lower back. This program is offered uniquely by Studio C and is an easy way to exercise, aiming at quickly return new mothers’ body to its shape before giving birth.To allow peace of mind while exercising after giving birth,Studio C is offering a unique service of a warm and dedicated childcare, who will look after the baby while the mother looks after her figure.

“The Women’s Diet” – A workshop teaching proper eating habits for a guaranteed, healthy weight loss and preserving a normal body weight. The Studio C Diet is unique and adjusted for women’s needs such as: the menstrual period, pregnancy, breastfeeding, premenopause and more. The workshop is constructed from 12 personal sessions with clinical dieticians (first or second academic degree in the field) who will personally accompanying the subscriber along the way.

Bone Building Exercises – unique reshaping and toning classes for women over the age of 60. Bone building exercises help reduce the risk of osteoporosis and reduce joint pain, common among elderly people. In addition, the exercises improve flexibility, posture, coordination and concentration.

Classes For Teenage Girls Aged 13-17:

Exercise Classes For Teenage Girls – focused training using Studio C‘s unique technique, held twice a week. The course focuses on body parts that should be toned, performed in a dynamic aerobics workout, using dance steps and accompanied by upbeat music.

Nutrition Workshops For Teenage Girls – a group workshop offering proper nutrition habits, instructed and accompanied by a clinical dietician. The workshop takes into account stages of adolescence, the emotional aspect, teenagers’ lifestyle and emphasizes on the health aspect.

Classes For Girls Aged 9-12:

Exercise Classes For Girls – focused training for girls using Studio C‘s technique to improve posture, fitness, balance, provide proper posture habits and coordination, accompanied by instruments such as: skipping rope, hoops, balls, rubber bands and more.

Nutrition Workshops For Girls – a group workshop offering proper and healthy nutrition habits, instructed and accompanied by a clinical dietician. Among the subjects discussed in the workshop are: introduction to the major food groups, the importance of calcium consuming from young age and the contribution of physical activity to healthy lifestyle, are conveyed to girls in interactive manner such as stories, games, drawings and more.

Enrollment for Reshaping and Toning includes the Dynamic, Fitball and Body Balance courses

. Participating in other courses is at additional cos

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